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ECM Workshop

Product overview for OpenText eDOCS


What is ECM Workshop ?

A suite of low cost high value OpenText eDOCS plug in maintenance tools that increase the library administrator’s ability to manage, control and structure their content management in a proactive way.  Increasing productivity and reducing cost, the key benefits associated with the products are the ability to give the support team the information they need to optimise system performance and stability.

Why do you need ECM Workshop ?

Enhancing administrator control will give business benefits which include: 

    • ​Improved productivity
    • Simplified administration across the enter-prise
    • Enhance business intelligence


ECM Mechanic 

Gives administrators the ability to check eDOCS client software installation and patch levels ensuring client compatibility, reducing errors, application lock up’s and time consuming investigations into spurious errors.

ECM Rescue

  • Detection and recovery of zero byte and missing files
  • Easy maintenance of eDOCS specific registry keys to tune the DM client for the detection of zero byte files.

ECM History

  • Improves the performance of your eDOCS clients by managing the eDOCS activity log. It allows information to be archived at pre-defined times, but still retains accessibility for historical and compliance purposes
  • Split screen full / part view of history information as required.