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Sharepoint Webparts for Elite - Leverage Elite Information

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​Client Web part for Microsoft SharePoint

The Elite Client Webpart for Microsoft SharePoint is one of a range of Webparts which allows users to leverage information from an existing Elite billing system.  this webpart is lcient centric and gives the organisation as instant overview of accounts receiveable and work in progress across clients and related clients.  Additionally it shows trust balances, un-billed costs and non-billable amounts.  It is a one stop financial view for a client or group of related clients.


Connectivity and Configuration

The Client Webpart can act as a "consumer" and recieve its "content" from other webparts on the same page.  This means the webpart can be used as part of a client/matter centric portal.  Additionally the user may provide client or related client numbers to view information directly from Elite.  this webpart is further configurable to show either accounts receivable, work in progress or both sets of figures depending on requirements.

Data Cacheing

The client webpart uses data cached via a warehousing process.  This ensures there is a minimal performance overhead when our webpart accesses the Elite Database.