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We recognise no two organisations are alike, and no two organisations have similar needs. These packages are just some examples of the services we can offer - we adapt dynamically to provide agile solutions. Below is just an outline of the services we can provide, and the main tools we use to develop them.

Moving services to the cloud can be complex. We will walk the client through the process and agree a way forward as appropriate. In general, however, the following actions are generally required.

Requirements, signoff and quality gateways and processes are established. These generally cover defining Infrastructure, Platform, Services and Software needed and establish the correct set of technologies, e.g. ARM Templates, Terraform, to automate their implementation.

We work with you to define the environments, security boundaries and architecture needed to allow Development, test and rollout, along with the support needed internally to ensure success of the project. We will agree and scale each environment so they have enough resources within acceptable cost. This may mean working as part of your internal team to deploy, train or handover to.

We will work with you to assess impact to the business alongside the technology e.g. do we need to migrate out of hours? Can we deploy during the day? Do we need comms, training? We will help you be ready to move the system into Business As Usual, ensuring you have the support, either in house or externally, that you need.

We have assisted large public sector users to move services, software and content into the Cloud. This can include content repositories of over 10Tb, utilising techniques to ensure all data is moved safely, without data loss or compromising access.
We have moved and upgraded on premise software, such as DMSs or Tracking Databases, into the Cloud, helping clients understand the impact of doing this both on their technical staff and their users. Any system migration usually entails some sort of Azure infrastructure change and we both design and implement this on your systems, ensuring best practice is maintained.

By working with the business we identify realistic quantifiable functional and and non-functional, e.g. performance, availability, reliability and scalability requirements. We then formalise these requirements into repeatable tests. This gives confidence that the business understands what is being tested, why it is being tested and what the results mean so they can be sure of the level of quality the system actually supports. An example might be testing that loss of a number of servers does not impact availability of functionality and whilst it decreases the overall performance this is still above a known and acceptable threshold. Where data is being migrated as part of the process then mechanical reconciliation will be used to verify that the data has been migrated and modified correctly.

Mircosoft-based solutions

The Cloud may seem Confusing - even Terrifying

But we're here to help. Once we've developed a solid strategy to tackle your exact Knowledge & Information Management (KIM) needs, we can implement strategies to deliver a solution within an accectable timeframe. We do that using many processes, including several different project structures, but our main tool is DevOps. Like a swiss army knife, there's nearly no situation these methods can't tackle.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a secure solution when dealing with sensitive information – even at large scales. With an automated service, human eyes are not required to sort sensitive information that should be shared with as few souls as possible. Our systems complete this task for you – no more manual sorting.
As your business grows, our architecture is designed to grow with you. Tasks that would normally require days of labour can be resolved in minutes using our intelligent information systems.
As your business grows, our architecture is designed to grow with you. New users can be easily integrated, databases can be scaled and new filing systems can be easily implemented.
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We WILL work with you to fix any problem - or point you towards someone who can. Don't hesistate to contact us, and include some brief details of the issues you're currently facing - our team revel in new challenges.

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