What we sell

Tunbridge Content Management System

Tunbridge is a cloud-based service that provides Correspondence Management based on SharePoint Online.

The service is hosted in SharePoint online in the client’s own tenancy.


  • Electronic and physical correspondence
  • Complex and ambiguous correspondents
  • Multiple correspondent for a single item of correspondence
  • Internal and external responsible parties
  • Linked correspondents and correspondence
  • Multiple actions with full auditing
  • Maintainable library of full and partial draft responses
  • Automated repsponse signing
  • Batch and envelop printing
  • User definable action displays and dashboards
  • Performance reporting and dashboards

Simple Intelligence Service

Simple Intelligence is a cloud-based service that provides BOTs that handle user's queries.

The service is hosted in Microsoft Azure and integrates into the client’s own tenancy.


  • Intelligent Rules allows business users to train the BOT themselves
  • Intelligent Reports assists the business in understanding how the BOTs are helping them and what else the users want help with
  • Intelligent Packs provide a quick start for common BOT requirements
  • Intelligent Engine brings it all together to provide BOTs as a Service
  • Intelligent Scripts make integration with your own tenancy simple