Analytics and Business Intelligence 

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Analysis of organizations' data requirements to produce a strategy and approach for the production of reporting and dashboards. Providing design and implementation services for Business Intelligence and reporting utilizing Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft CosmosDb and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS).

We have delivered solutions to help businesses understand progress across projects and portfolio management, reported on the training levels and skills of their employees and even helped produce the reports which help show how effective a given Government policy is.

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Reporting across your Office365 estate shows how data is used 
See exactly how your workforce upload and store information - understand the most important elements of your information storage solutions
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Leverage business information to plan business efficiencies 
No more guesswork as to what data structures will lead to the highest efficiencies across your workforce - use real time information to best plan for the future and adapt to unique hurdles your business may face on it's way to success.
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Reduce data storage costs 
Move your information to the cloud and utilise others economies of scale to dramatically reduce the cost of information storage, all in a more convenient location for businesses on the move.
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Your current Business Intelligence sorting does not allow for maximum impact for business use 
In many current information storage solutions, the sorting and listing of information can be inconsistent and highly inneffective when one attempts a new unseen data search, which can lead to massive time losses looking for data you already possess!
Strategic positioning of Business Intelligence 
We change your systems to be smart and work with you - dynamic tags, intelligent search design as well as intelligent storage structures lead to your information being right at your fingertips, where you need it - with each department that requires this information being freely able to access it.
Current Reporting systems don’t seamlessly integrate these features 
Old products and servcices can't adapt to integrate these new systems and features - without a lot of pain, difficulty and being riddled with bugs. Continuing to use these systems may costs more than they're worth in the long run,
Integrated Report Creation and Implementation  
We integrate our solutions seamlessly into your database sytems - with report creation being able to happen automatically so you can discover exactly how your data is being handled at any point of the systems history.
It's time consuming to find all the relevant data

Traditionally each department has held its data in systems that have 'just evolved' over the years. These are incompatible, hard to access and often too costly to move.

Lack of access to this data is comprimising your company's access to "Crown Jewels" of your company hampering your decision making and market readiness.
PowerBI configuration and implementation 
PowerBI allows us to access each of your repository data stores be they Access, Excel, CosmosDb, ORACLE, SharePoint Lists, SQL or other systems and present them in an easy to access web based system. As your staff update the data the reports can be refreshed automatically ensuring your using the right data. If you need to combine data from multiple systems, and drill down into the details this can all be accessed directly from the report without having to know where and how to access the systems themselves.
  • Requirements Definition and Business Analysis
  • Strategic positioning of Business Intelligence
  • Report Creation and Implementation
  • Portal and Dashboard Configuration and development
  • PowerBI, CosmosDb and SQL Reporting configuration and implementation  
  • Reporting across your Office365 estate shows how data is used  
  • Leverage business information to plan business efficiencies
  • Reduce data storage costs
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