Quality Assurance and Performance Testing 

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We provide software testing resources to perform automated and manual functional and non-functional testing with Agile and Waterfall Methodologies using Azure DevOps and Microsoft Test Manager.
We have provided resource to test both bespoke development and provisioning of Cloud services such as Microsoft 365. We have implemented test processes for clients or worked within the standards set within their own IT.
We can work with you to benchmark performance and performance test your system assessing both the cloud service and your infrastructure to the desktop.

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Better service for your users 
Remove the possibility of releasing an untested product to your users - no more complaints about unforseeen issues and rare edge cases that can slowly chip away faith in your company's image,
Reliable access and performance before release 
We work with you before product release to remove flaws before they can reach the end user, using our intelligent systems to filter through any problems your product may have.
Assurance that your products get over the line into production 
We aim to reduce delays that are caused by a last-minute lfaw that is noticed n your product and pushes back the release dates, wihch can cause a huge loss in wasted marketing and delivery to vendors.
Your service is at yet untested, and may have flaws unknown to you that affect your users. 
Without sufficienct testing, your product may have unknown flaws that are only discovered once the end user gets their hand on the product. Finding these flaws may lead the user to lose faith in the reliability of the products that you offer.
Better service for your users  
Intelligent testing leads to fewer bugs, and a faster service, which will better resonate with end users expecting a high-quality experience.
Your product will currently be released before testing is complete 
This can be a huge business risk - an untested product can lead to an inferior product than the one your expected to release, which can lead to a negatuve user experience.
Reliable access and performance before release 
Get effective peace of mind about your product before release day - be assured that your product has all promised features for all systems it is required to work with.
The Testing phase delays a products completion until it’s unviable for the current market 
Sometimes with regular quality assurance and performance testing, innefficient testing patterns can lead to a product being delayed months to even years, which can lead to your product having a terrible market position that can lead to low sales.
Assurance that your products get over the line into production  
We work with you during the last stages of your products design cycle to ensure that they get over the line and into production on time, wihtout compromising on quality.
  • Better Sertvice for your users
  • Reliable access and performance before release
  • Assurance that your products get over the line into production
  • Testing your Microsoft 365 customisations in your overall environment
  • Ensuring integrations work to plan
  • Assurance service works against your end user devices
  • Test planning and scripting
  • Governance and sign off processes
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