System Setup, Upgrades and Migration into Azure/Microsoft365 

What We Can Do For You

We have helped clients make the move from On Premise systems to the cloud and showed how this can be easier to support, have more functionality and saves money. We work both with the implementation of Microsoft 365, and the Azure stack including SQL as a Service and File Store as a Service.

We have helped clients migrate between cloud services, for example between different Microsoft 365 Tenants or Google Cloud.

We are experts in migrating content and metadata from existing repositories and applications, ensuring that compliance is maintained (or often improved) as migration happens, capturing all historic metadata and mapping multiple sources into a single united repository where appropriate. We have moved terabytes of data into the cloud, using methods to ensure migrations are timely, assured and users can access their content immediately.

We understand that there is more to migration than just document and email repositories, these we can migrate into the appropriate Microsoft 365 Services such as Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Yammer and Exchange.

When it comes to migrating to the Cloud you also need to account for the applications you currently host on premise or remotely. We are experts in moving applications to the appropriate technology in Azure. We have implemented Application Gateways, Network Security Groups, Firewalls, Azure Active Directory and more to support applications as well as moving Web Applications and their supporting data into Azure.

We provide fully automated deployments (DEVOps) based on common Azure Technologies such as Azure DEVOps, GitHub Actions and Terraform meaning you know whats been deployed by when and by who and if the live system has been changed from the current deployment. These techniques hugely increase the stability of your systems in the cloud as well as significantly reducing the time to deploy applications.

We are contributors to Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework which means we can ensure you are following Best Practices and Governance in a fully automated fashion, and keep you updated as they evolve.

All Microsoft 365 content
We can migrate to or from your Microsoft 365 content repositories including:
  • SharePoint Sites
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive
  • Exchange Mailboxes
  • Yammer
Assured migration of content 
No loss of data when transferring content from your in-house servers to external servers on the cloud.
Move your users into the cloud with minimal disruption 
No more worrying about the loss of revenue your organisation will face while your systems are down for weeks while migrating data. We use modern techniques that will transfer your information with minimal disruption to your operations.
Ensure adequate resources for performance and resilience 
We understand the needs for organisations of any size - and can prevent the catastrophe of not using enough rescources to ensure your organisation still operates seamlessly after the migration.
Your services are currently hindered by drastic high costs 
Physical data storage on site requires massive upkeep costs - rooms or even entire buildings of servers, running 24/7 and racking up an enormous power bill.
Optimisation of services to lower transaction based cost  
Utilise our external partners economies of scale and reduce costs for your business while keeping the security of a physical storage site.
As of current, your systems require several different software licences to monitor. 
These software liscences can quickly addup into a major cost for runnign your organisation, many different types of software are needed for specific tasks.
Consolidation of monitoring into a single interface 
Our new systems consolidate all of yourmonitoring processes into one place - no more switching between applications and the associated frustration.
Old systems made it difficult to implement and communicate changes  
Older systems come with older featueres - features designed for problems that existed years ago rather than the regular issues we all face in the modern business environment.
Communicate business change easily to stakeholders  
We use new systems with better reporting techniques which allow for greater transparency with non-technically minded stakeholders in your industry. Save time with your communication and streamline your business communication.
  • ‍Code migration from on premise to software as a service
  • Migrtion of content, preserving metadata
  • User migration planning
  • Comparison of cloud options to ensure lower ongoing costs
  • Automated continuous deployment
  • Staff training and handover
  • Establish cloud based best practice in your environment
  • Optimisation of services to lower transaction based cost
  • Consolidation of monitoring into a single interface
  • Ensure Adequate resources for performance and resilience
  • Assured migration of content
  • Move your users into the cloud with minimal disruption
  • Communicate business change easily to stakeholders
Training Provided
Ongoing Support
Security Cleared Staff
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