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Enabling transition from legacy EDRM and paper solutions to cloud based knowledge and information systems has a lot of considerations: How do I migrate data and users into the cloud without disrupting the business? How do I ensure I am maintaining security over content? How can I be sure which is the right cloud service configuration choice for the money? Wehave been helping clients answer these questions and navigate around the Gotchas for over a decade now.
We implement cloud solutions which enable cross departmental collaboration. and ensure compliance with Freedom of Information and GDPR legislation. We manage full end to end transition and transformation of your knowledge and information management systems, from business case development to senior stakeholder engagement through to project delivery and operational support.  

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Demystify Records Management in Microsoft365 and other cloud services 
We understand this process can at first seem overwhelming - even terrifying. At Simple innovation Associates, we are experts in this matter with many years of experience, and can walk you step by step the requirements of this transition, including options and comparative costs.
Fully managed process to ensure smooth handover to BAU 
Transition to the cloud should not dramatically interrupt your Business operations, and we strive to make sure it has minimal impact on the productivity of your organisation.
Lower Information Risk and better Information Management 
External cloud based services provide a more reliable information management solution. Automatic backups, geo-replication and data retrieval lead to lower risks of data loss.
Loss of records due to poor integration 
Multiple separate, non-linked archives of information can lead to loss of records being stored in the improper place, which can cause severe delays further down the line.
Lower Information Risk and Better Information Management   
With a smart database solution in the cloud, all your records can be stored in one place with multiple permission, and sorted intelligently.
Physical files result in inefficient knowledge sharing between departments.  
Local servers or even physical paper files can be hard to retrieve between departments that aren't physically close to each other. This will lead to delays in information transfer.
Cloud-based solutions increase collaboration with easier interfaces 
The cloud is accessible anywhere with an internet connection - and shared to anyone with an internet connection. This allows business units to communicate information effectively.
Poorly Labelled data is hard to retrieve and slows efficiency. 
Many older systems lack sufficient metadata around records stored - which can result in search results not finding all possible related information. Manually sorting through files to retrieve this information is a slow, costly process.
Advance knowledge sharing with better search across data and people 
Our solutions use a smart search solution that can sift through records on more complex parameters - including the metadata around the file such as author, size or relevant tags.
  •  Business analysis of current EDRM/KIM capabilities, strategy and policy
  • Meet Legal retention and compliance obligations, lowering Information Risk
  • Onboarding including initial data migration and user provisioning, Identity managment
  • Off boarding including planning and data migration strategy
  • Office365 Security and Compliance Centre Configuration and Deployment
  • Migration to existing or new cloud services with TOM definition
  • Third Party tool evaluation and Implementation Planning
  • Information architecture analysis, design and delivery
  • Simple user focussed interfaces developed in conjunction with actual users
  • Supporting Azure DevOps for information services and applications 
  • Lower Information Risk and better Information Management
  • Lower support costs as data is consolidated
  • Increased collaboration with easier interfaces
  • Advance knowledge sharing with better search across data and people
  • Defined information management governance structure
  • Demystify Records Management in Office365 and other cloud services
  • Clear Information Policy definition supporting section 46 and GDPR
  • Defined delivery model and Governance at all stages of delivery
  • Fully managed process to ensure smooth handover to BAU
  • Independent supplier. No vendor tie in and decades of experience 
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