Azure Automation & Implementation through DevOps

What We Can Do For You

The service automates the deployment, configuration and maintenance of infrastructure, systems and services in the cloud, including virtual machines, networks, storage, key vaults, databases, backup and monitoring. We are experts in the following methodologies: Azure DEVOps Pipelines, Terraform, Ancible Recipes and GitHub Actions. 
We have helped customers create infrastructure engineering governance and process within complex technology landscapes to support large change portfolios. This increases quality, speed and decreases implementation and support cost.

Why move to DEVOps?

Know the State of your Digital Estate
Don't guess at what is deployed where and if it is working by combining Azure DEVOps Pipeline reporting with Deployment Template Visualisation you can get a graphic output of what any part of your system looks like along with what versions are currently deployed.
Reduce System Deployment Time
Significantly reduce the time required to deploy and implement new systems using the DevOps architecture by creating reusable pipelines that automate deployment using deployment that has already been proven and is not subject to human error. This is achieved by using multiple environments for Infrastructure, Platform, Services and Applications that allows the test cycle to be run without affecting production, this can reduce deployments into production from weeks to hours.
Fully Audited Deployments
Audit not just who authorised a deployment but exactly what happened during the deployment so that any issues that do occur can be located in other deployments.
Detect Non-Compliant Assets
Avoid Configuration Drift by using by automatically detecting and reporting on or rectifying non-compliant assets. This increases security in an evergreen environment, for example by detecting use of out of date protocols, identify which systems use them, testing an automated resolution and then applying it to production.
High Cost of Physical Data Transfer
Increase your compliance and stability by automatically detecting and rectifying non-compliant assets.
Reduces cost by automating regular tasks: e.g. backups, certificate renewals 
Regular tasks that would normally require manual input and working hours are now done automatically - with no effort from you.
Server Malfunctions can cause a huge loss of data—as well as incur heavy costs 
A malfunction in your database structure or storage can incur huge costs - an operator will have to manually sort through an old backup and cross-reference this information with currnet records, a lengthy, cost-inducive process.
Decreased time to automatically repair and restore servers after disaster 
Our systems automatically backup and restore data after an unforseen event - with minimal input from you. Save time and money with our automated solutions.
Unforeseen issues can cause massive delays and grind productivity to a halt 
Without monitoring dashboards, a project can easily be overencumbered by a slew of minor problems, which can cause the delay or even stoppage of projects whihc might otherwise be highly valuable.
Anticipate problems before they happen by use of monitoring dashboards 
Our monitoring dashboards flag potential issues before they become a catastrophe - allowing you to solve them ahead of time, and keep that vital project on schedule.
  • End to end DEVOps implementation from development to production
  • Strategy definition for Azure architectures, development and rollout
  • Solution design within your exiting Azure policies
  • Transparent quality gateways with test reporting and authorisations
  • Automated maintenance, backup, DR design and Implementation
  • Creation of managed deployments for third party software
  • Handover of processes and maintenance for BAU staff
  • Assured deployments with managed business impact
  • Idempotent deployments to allow servers to change state at will
  • Using and enhancing the DEVOps reports for comprehensive auditing
  •  Reduces time to deploy systems significantly
    Ensures accurate, reliable, repeatable, deployment.
  • Know who did what, when and how. Fully audited deployments.
    Increases compliance and stability by detecting andrectifying non-compliant assets
  • Reduces cost by automating regular tasks: e.g. backups, certificate renewals
  • Increases awareness of software estate through deployment version reports
  • Decreased time to automatically repair and restore servers after disaster
  • Scale resources automatically to meet demand and maintain performance.
  • Anticipate problems before they happen by use of monitoring dashboards
  • Allocate cost to relevant cost centres through accurate reporting 
Governance Implemented at Enterprise Level
Ongoing Support
All Staff Security Cleared
Reporting to show benefits