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Support services for early life or BAU for any of our installed services and upgrades. We provide support for DEVOps, upgraded systems and new installations or migrations we have carried out for you. 
We have a helpdesk service you can call or post support tickets through the portal.

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Reduces in house expertise costs 
No more permanent staff to fix an issue every few weeks - use our highly trained contractors to fix issues as they appear, and only when they appear.
Access to staff with years of Azure and EDRMS experience 
Our associates are all industry experts who have been using these products for years. We pride ourselves of being passionate about effective working systems that make your life easier
Increases compliance across estate 
Increase your compliance and stability by automatically detecting and rectifying non-compliant assets.
Currently your in-house team cannot effectively implement new processes 
Your current in-hoouse team may not yet be fully trained in Office365/Azure, and cannot effectively manage your new solutions your company has implemented.
Support for your customisations / processes  
We can provide qualified consultants to support your company through the transition to using your new customisations.
Your current systems do not automatically provide compliant records 
Your current automatic data storage solutions may not automatically sort sensitive information into appropriate folders that should only be accessible to certain people, and do not fit the level of compliance required for your firm.
Support for selected EDRM solutions including Office365 Compliance Centre  
Our consultants can help with your EDRM solutions and use the Office365 compliance centre to garuntee your senstive information is kept safe from prying eyes.
In your current state of affairs,  Issues with information storage are not flagged properly. 
Some older systems do not automatically flag incorrectly stored information - which can lead to information leaks that could be catastrophic for your organisation.
Support for management of Monitoring and Alerting 
With our help, your systems can automatically flag and report improper information storage - whether it doesn't have enough tags, or there is insuficient space that could lead to data loss.
  • Assistance with designing the service you need
  • Support for your customisations/processes
  • Provision of third and fourth line escalation
  • Liaise with first line support to set up processes
  • Support for your customisations and processes
  • Support for automated deployments using DEVops
  • Support for automated deployments using DEVops,
  • Support for Microsoft 365, Azure functions
  • Email, Telephone and portal support available
  • Reduces in house expertise costs
  • Access to staff with years of Azure, Microsoft365 and EDRMS experience
Selection of packages to suit budget
Ongoing Support for customisations
Security Cleared Staff
Support for all aspects of Azure and Microsoft365
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